dr Aleksander Mercik

Investments and Risk Management, Cryptocurrencies, Portfolio Management, Statistical Modeling

Stocks vs. real estate: Which investment should you choose?

Should we invest in the stock market or the real estate market? This is a perennial question for investors, economists, and finance students alike. In this paper, we’ll analyze the pros and cons of both types of investments, examine historical returns, and evaluate the risks involved. This detailed analysis will provide valuable insights for researchers,

How do macroeconomic factors affect the prices of frequency band reservations for 5G technology in Europe?

Recent studies have found that the mobile industry increases its contribution into a development of the world’s economy. Setting a fair price for a frequency band reservation becomes an important task for national market regulators. This paper demonstrates that macroeconomic data are key determinants of prices paid for frequency band reservations in auctions organised in

Factor seasonalities: International and further evidence

We study factor return seasonalities in international markets. Using up to 143 characteristic-sorted portfolios from 39 countries, we document a pervasive cross-sectional pattern: anomalies with a high average same-calendar month return outperform those with low average returns. The effect persists across individual markets and global samples and cannot be attributed to common risk factors. Neither factor